IN-PERSON EVENT: Gail Janicola

Wednesday, August 18th at 7PM 
​​​​IN-PERSON at Book Revue

Join us for an evening with certified childbirth educator and doula, Gail Janicola as she speaks about her new book The Ultimate Birth Experience

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At the top of the many life experiences that embody the power of transformation is birth. And yet, there are reasons why that transformation, in the most positive, growth-propelling way, is so often not realized. 

With the emphasis generally on the outcome and not on the process, the extraordinary leverage of the journey is dismissed. 

The Ultimate Birth Experience will help you discover how to: 

-Confidently take control of your birth experience
-Effectively communicate and partner with healthcare providers
-Use your natural and medical toolkits wisely
-Advocate for what is important to you
-Erase the possibility of regret
-Trade worry and apprehension for joyful anticipation

Get ready for a mindset shift that will shape your own ultimate birth experience, and all of your transformational experiences to come. Prepare to find the courage and conviction to take the reins of your birth and your life.

"The Ultimate Birth Experience is a profound declaration of empowerment for every pregnant mom-to-be. As a fierce advocate for choice, Gail defends your right to experience birth the way you choose. She breaks the myths and encourages you to trust your instincts. This book is a window into the world of birth, through the eyes of a seasoned birthing professional. With a smart, sincere and thoughtful approach to this profound, life-changing event, this a must-read book for every pregnant woman."

Sandy Pelland, CEO/Founder, MomLife TV

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Event date: 
Wednesday, August 18, 2021 - 7:00pm
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Adult Event
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Book Revue Inc.
313 NY Avenue,
Huntington, NY 11743-8200

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